Go Cloud’s Mission Statement

Empowering Startups & Non-Profits with Secure Web Hosting: Our Commitment to Digital Safety and Community Reach

At GoCloud, we are on a mission to empower non-profit organizations and small start-ups with secure and reliable web hosting solutions. We believe that every non-profit, regardless of size or budget, deserves access to the digital tools and resources they need to make a difference in their communities.

Driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to social impact, Go Cloud was founded to provide personalized hosting services and web design that prioritize the security and integrity of our clients’ online presence. Our goal is not only to provide top-notch hosting solutions but also to educate and support non-profits in navigating the digital landscape safely and effectively.

With a focus on community impact and a dedication to fostering long-term partnerships, we strive to be more than just a hosting provider – we’re your trusted ally in the journey towards achieving your mission and making a positive difference in your communities.

Join us in our mission to build a brighter future for non-profits and the communities they serve.

Our Services

Our hosting service prioritizes security to protect your data and online assets, mitigating the risks of cyber threats.

Uptime Access

While downtime can sometimes be unavoidable, we strive to provide access 24 hours a day as closely as possible.

Secure Backups

Rest at ease that your data is safe, as we continuously follow industry regulations.

Safe & Secure

We improve our security practices on a daily basis to be sure we can protect your website and our commitment.

Remote Support

Whether it’s through chat, phone or email, you will have our full attention to help you set up your web space.

Our Features

We design custom made web services using current programming languages and web technologies

Choose between a Content Management System, Web Builder or a web app based approach. Just tell us your needs and goals. We will plan a solution together.


CMS 120x120

Web Builders



Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

About Franco

Meet the Founder

Hello! I’m Franco, a tech enthusiast with a passion for problem-solving and innovation. As a certified Unity Programmer and Comptia Network+ professional, I bring a diverse skill set to the table, spanning multiple programming languages and frameworks.


With experience in software development, network engineering, and project management, I’ve led initiatives to enhance digital literacy and optimize network infrastructure. My expertise in Agile methodologies and collaboration tools enables me to drive projects to success while adapting to diverse environments.

Outside of work, I’m deeply committed to personal development and exploring emerging technologies. Currently, I’m focused on self-driven projects to further explore virtual reality technology and contribute to open-source initiatives.

I’ve completed a Full Stack Development bootcamp and earned certifications in game development and web development, providing me with a strong foundation in software engineering principles and project management best practices.

In summary, I’m dedicated to continuous learning, innovation, and delivering high-quality solutions. I look forward to leveraging my skills and expertise to support your organization’s goals and contribute to its success.